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 Plans for the 3AW Armory

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PostSubject: Plans for the 3AW Armory   Thu Aug 26, 2010 6:26 pm

Unlike most squads, the 3AW's will contain a odd mix of planes, Going with the Trend we do have some modern 21st century Jet fighters, along side the Jet fighters will be the unexpected use of WW2 Fighters. the 3AW plans to use these WW2 Birds in more Slow based attacks, Like Ground and anti naval attacks. this is because combining the Firepower of Often More than 4 50 cal Cannons posses a large threat to the ground target, also doing what a jet fighter canot, Fly at very low speeds on a stable platform, saying about 70-120 KTS, a WW2 Fighter can piull this off quite easily, these air to ground squads will be in groups of 4, accompanied by 2 F-16's armed with A2A and ATg missiles, the F-16's would fire off their A@G missiles at any available to help soften the combat cone for the ww2 birds, the F-16's will then proceed to secure the Airspace. The Recon team for the 3AW is might u can say the most deadly, being a team of 4 planes, The F/A-18 Super hornet [2] the E-3, and also teh 3AW's Major project ""PL" the ABL. the ABl will never fly lone as its fully devoted to All around attack, [A2A and A2G] the ABl will be fitted with an Extremal long range auto gunner. this auto gunner will have a range of 300 Miles abd have an high rate of fire, to reduce the i. dea of this gun beign a cheat plane, teh Auto gunner will be Very week and mat take up to 15 seconds to kill a target [to be fair]. the ABl will be accompanied by an F/A-18 and a full 100 miles out would be the E-3 also guarded by a F/A-18. the E-3 is so far out to Provide Radar for what teh ABl canot see. in between teh Large gap will be 2 teams of A2A Tactual fighters and one team on interceptors, [planes still in desition] to provide any needed cover to the Reon team. The Air to Air Team Will take care of all Ranges of air attack from close range gunfights to Long range interception, their 2 roles are to provide Cover for the Recon team and Secure Airspace

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Plans for the 3AW Armory
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