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 History of the 3AW

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PostSubject: History of the 3AW   Thu Aug 26, 2010 4:02 pm

The Third Air Wing started out around some time last year, I am sorry that I cant recall the date, under the assistance and guidance of the 171, the 3AW attempted its first leap into the YSflight squadron world. Things seemed ok, and fine at this time but the squad was still very unorganized and under poor secondary leadership. The squad didn't last long in this poor condition and soon I had to close it down, the squad was hardly heard of in the beginning and wasn't going to make it under state it was in, Soon after I joined the 171 more as a spectator than a member, constantly discussing with its CO and XO on how a squad is/should be ran. soon after getting a better understanding, I went off and re-birthed the 3AW. Now under way better management and a fully worked out training rig, we are back and here to stay. Nothing will put down the squad and we shall never die, we all stand strong together, providing the offense when needed, Defense when pressured, and an effort to help all newcomers - Solo, 3AW CO

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History of the 3AW
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