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 The Goal

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PostSubject: The Goal   Thu Aug 26, 2010 3:47 pm

The 3rd Air Wing [3AW] has a goal no mentioned by other YSflight Squads, The 3AW looks out to help better the YS community
Yes we are an Offensive squad, but we are more Defensive instead. We pull many Humanitarian Efforts to help new YSflight Newcomers get the hang of the sim and also understand how the community works and acts. We are here to help other squads as well who need help [honestly depending on their political stance]. The 3rd Air Wing will take in unstable squads and help them get back on their feet, we arnt truly here to just gain a bunch of members and be the best because we see that as overdoing it and just getting cocky, we rather help better the community and help promote new squads to make it and become noticeable and respected.

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The Goal
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